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    Growing up in Los Angeles, at the age of 12 Michael Puccio picked up his first guitar after painting the inside of his parents house one summer. Learning chords and how to strum got him playing more and grew into playing the electric side of guitar. His first amplifier, 1971 Fender Silverface Bandmaster Reverb, purchased on lay away at the age of 15 from a local music store. His fascination of how things worked grew with his love for music. Over time he played for his youth group in church and loved hanging out with his family while picking and playing guitar. Later he joined the U.S. Army as a Cavalry Scout and then transferred over to being a mechanic. As a member of the U.S. Army Ordinance Corps, Michael was sent to school and learned basic electronics. Putting his love for various amplifiers and how to modify their tone he put the two together and developed new connection with his friends outside of the Army fixing their gear and experimenting with different things at the same time. In the great search of that perfect sweet tone that musicians are always seeking "Tone Junkies" was born. Today Michael is using his experience and knowledge of working with many new clients that play all types of music in the West Texas area by taking in their equipment and giving them a whole new look and Tone.

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    Obtain Your Signature Tone

    Tone Junkies™ works with our customers to achieve a more desired overall tone. Lets face it, things are just not made how they used to be.. We will help give you that very thing!!


    (59' Bassman LTD converted to Point to Point)


    Tone Junkies™ understands that your next gig is dependent on our production level which is why we are praised for our respect of time and reliable amplifiers that will give you your Tone at all times!

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    Retro Purpose

    From a simple request to repair an amplifier came a complete restoration. Tone Junkie appearance meets Tone Junkie Tone!


    (Fender Super Reverb)

    Inspired Touch

    Tone Junkie is your source for inspired creativity that match's personal appearance

    with signature Tone!


    (Fender Hot Rod Deville)

    Satisfied Customer

    Marshall JCM 2000 was delivered with the added adjustments and dialed in Tone Ruben needed!!

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